Portfolio Category: Web App

Remote Control System

Naturally, each modern person is aware of the smart systems which provide the large number of useful possibilities. To give him the opportunity to save time, automate the habitual processes, and get a great income, we built a cross-platform application for remote control of computer through smartphone. The magic of Wi-Fi. Supporting the Internet connection

Recruitment Management

We partially redeveloped the project logic by means of CodeIgniter (lightweight PHP framework) as it’s characterized by simplicity and reliability, and involved code reusability. This decision helped to reduce a number of functions, change the requests, and expand the database tables that led to the increased performance. We delivered to our client a convenient recruitment

Real Estate Market System

We helped our client create a web application which analyzes the state of the real estate market in different parts of the world. The real estate market system should quickly make and present the graphs, comparison of several regions, and draw several lines on one graph without reloading the page while saving the current information.

Project Management Software

Our team received a very interesting and unusual order: development of project management software with a user-friendly interface based on AJAX technology for maintaining mutual projects between composers and their clients. Our team decided to develop the audio file player on the foundation of HTML5 Audio API. Thus, when a user downloads a file, a

Online Sports Betting

Our team of professionals developed a cool web application designed for online sports betting. How does it work? A user can create his own NBA lineups and with a help of specific tools choose the lineups with a higher probability of winning. Collecting the vast data and analytics, it’s possible to submit these lineups to

ERP System

A secret of an effective business is to organize the workflow properly and constantly control the work processes. Nowadays you can perform these operations automatically using a special ERP system which integrates areas such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources. It also consolidates customer information and documents into a single CRM