Portfolio Category: Mobile Apps

Booking System for Restaurants

Food is not only a source of energy, it is also a source of fine fettle and positive emotions. To pamper the food lovers, our team developed and designed the online booking system for restaurants. It’s the Android application that provides information about restaurants and other establishments, where the visitors can familiarize with the menu,

Image Recognition Application

It’s an Android application which recognizes meters and captures readings and serial numbers via a mobile phone camera. We used the method of contour analysis that narrows the number of meters, which the application can potentially work with, to presence of a key contour (“anchor”). It is an object that has a unique contour (in


The project was created for people who cherish their privacy, trade secret, or simply don’t want to give anyone access to their phone and files. Our customer entrusted us with the task of implementing as much of a secure communication system between people as possible. It uses a special phone based on modern devices, such