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Food is not only a source of energy, it is also a source of fine fettle and positive emotions. To pamper the food lovers, our team developed and designed the online booking system for restaurants. It’s the Android application that provides information about restaurants and other establishments, where the visitors can familiarize with the menu, reserve a table, and make an order in advance.

For the route formation we decided to use the following scheme: A system defines the user’s current location and his final destination. After that, it sends a “Get” request to Google Direction Api, which, in its turn, gives a response of the json-type. This response informs us about: the movement time, path length, and provides the coded route. All in all, the route is decoded and transferred to Google Map. Our team of developers created the easy-to-use Administration Mode. So, just how does the owner of restaurant can add his establishment to the application system.

Technology Stack

  • Angular, Mongo DB, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, Passport JS,
  • JavaScript, Sails JS, Lodash, Nodemailer, Grunt
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