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Remote Control System

Naturally, each modern person is aware of the smart systems which provide the large number of useful possibilities. To give him the opportunity to save time, automate the habitual processes, and get a great income, we built a cross-platform application for remote control of computer through smartphone.

The magic of Wi-Fi. Supporting the Internet connection on the same network via Wi-Fi, we organized a quick interaction between the desktop application and mobile. It smoothly works if the user has a static IP.

All in all, our customer received an innovative remote control system which runs on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. The program translates the user’s actions and commands, sends them to the PC in the form of specific messages (events), and automatically performs them. What can be more convenient for a busy person who hopes to save time and energy, focusing on more important tasks?

Technology Stack

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, jQuery UI, MySQL,
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