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Project Management Software

Our team received a very interesting and unusual order: development of project management software with a user-friendly interface based on AJAX technology for maintaining mutual projects between composers and their clients.

Our team decided to develop the audio file player on the foundation of HTML5 Audio API. Thus, when a user downloads a file, a system analyzes it and forms a JSON file with audio samples according to the received data. In addition, we had to create the audio wave. This process was the equivalent to the jewelry work.

We developed the audio wave in the audio player by means of HTML5 Canvas. As the result, the user can play the audio file, specifying the bit rate, adding a watermark, and turning on the beeps.

Technology Stack

  • HTML5, CSS3, HTML Audio API, JavaScript, jQuery,
  • Bootstrap, Java 8, PostgreSQL, Jetty, Spring, Hibernate, FFmpeg
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