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To think over and develop a convenient solution for consolidating the work of the entire network, where the users will be store`s employees and their direct managers. The solution should automate the processes of managing store personnel, assessing the knowledge of sellers, managing sales and stock balances at each point of sale in sync with ERP data. The solution should also integrate all internal communications within the chain of stores for employees and promote the values of the company’s employer brand.


By implementing a corporate mobile application, we have improved:

  • quality of service for end customers
  • simplified access to the necessary information for sellers
  • increased 6% of the network sales volume due to internal transfers
  • Simplified the calculation of wages due to the implementation of the time tracking function
  • increased employee loyalty to the company


Technology Stack

  • Front-End: React JS , Back-End: Python, Django
  • React Native, Mongo DB
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