Artificial intelligence

Our team will guide you on the path to your custom artificial intelligence software, from the business requirements gathering stage to user training and maintenance of the ready solution.

Ai Consulting
Our AI consultants thoroughly analyze your requirements to help you develop an optimal AI strategy. Understanding challenges and opportunities that your organization faces, we will advise on the most efficient implementation of AI-powered software for you.
Ml Modeling
Our team can either deliver full-cycle AI software development on a turnkey basis or help your in-house team at any stage of the project. Our skilled data scientists will leverage data processing frameworks and develop machine learning algorithms that are optimal for solving your business challenge.
We conduct training sessions for your teams to ensure that they have all necessary knowledge about artificial intelligence solutions they will be working with and skills to operate it.

Discover Use Cases For Ai Solutions In Your Niche

Our AI developers conceptualize and implement AI use cases in multiple domains and industries, from ecommerce and digital advertising to healthcare and capital markets. Together, these use cases cover the entire business management pipeline where you can see your key functions improved through efficient applications of intelligent tech.

Marketing And Sales

We’ll help you unravel the potential of AI for your customer acquisition and retention while maximizing the reach and relevance of your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

  • Lead scoring
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Recommendation engines
  • Dynamic content personalization
  • Sales forecasting
  • Churn prediction
  • Brand sentiment analysis

Chatbots And Cognitive Agents

We apply original and framework-based speech recognition and generation models to create AI-enabled conversational agents. With them, you can automate and improve your service across touchpoints, making it more personalized and relevant for each customer.

  • Contextual customer care
  • Shopping and banking assistants
  • Search bots
  • Voice user interfaces
  • Interactive kiosk systems

Operations And Decision Support

We build smart systems where AI can identify loopholes, anomalies, as well as growth hacking opportunities in your operational processes so that you can act on them timely and appropriately.

  • Financial forecasting
  • Risk assessment
  • Inventory analysis
  • Demand planning
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Human recourses management
  • Predictive maintenance

Physical And Cyber Security

We direct our AI development efforts at protecting physical perimeters, cyber security, and identities of users and employees. From anti-fraud ML models to advanced biometric recognition, we design solutions that counteract old and emerging security threats.

  • Biometric identification
  • Access and authentication control
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • In-store theft control

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